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Niamh (that's me) is a Recovery Litigator based in Manchester. She has experience with claimant work in RTA litigation, abuse claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, claims against social services, and non-recent abuse claims. Niamh has also assisted with Inquests relating to deaths associated with mental health, local authority care, police custody, and prison.


Niamh wrote her Master’s dissertation on the need for reform regarding civil actions for non-recent (child) sexual abuse. More info available in an upcoming blog post!

Niamh completed her Masters in Law at the University of Law in 2022, earning a Distinction. Prior to this, she graduated with a First Class degree in Physics from Keele University in 2020.


Contrary to popular belief, I am not ALWAYS working. I enjoy creating art, embarking on DIY projects, riding my bike, running, and searching through sale rails.

Producing this website is a relatively new project, and I appreciate the opportunity to share the things I am interested in, what I have learnt/am learning, and some personal moments. This site is an ongoing creation which will continue to evolve as I do. In particular, I'd love to write about the LPC and my progress on a training contract, when the time comes.

If you want to discuss my work, provide feedback, pose a possible collaboration, hear more about my journey, or simply say hi - please get in touch. Enjoy browsing!


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