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A Week in the Life of a Part-Time LPC Student and Full-Time Litigator

The week before my Business Law and Practice exam, I kept track of all of my activities. It was a pretty eventful and productive schedule. From running, work, revision, and even picking up a new cat, I had a lot going on. So I’m here to set out what I did last week, as a pre-exam LPC student, full-time Recovery Litigator, and a 25-year-old individual.


On Monday, I got up at 7 am and went for a run which felt great. I then headed to the Manchester office for work - a new experience and a welcome change of scenery! Although it was extremely quiet so I went to Lidl on lunch and then returned home to spread out some rocks in the garden and get back to work. I got a few hours of revision done after work, then made time to watch my current fave weekly show, "The Last of Us."


On Tuesday, I woke up at 7 am again, but this time I went to Bolton for a probation meeting. It all went well. I used a standing desk during work and revised for BLP during lunch. After work, I ran home from the station (this was the only opportunity to get in my daily run) and enjoyed dinner made by Joe. We headed straight out to a friend's apartment and had a board game night, which was a lot of fun. I ended up walking home and heading to bed a bit too late. This was the last evening of 'life' I knew I could allow myself pre-exam; having been studying intensely for a couple of months, I took the opportunity to be sociable and am so glad that I did.


Wednesday saw me sleeping in a bit longer, as I woke up at 8:30 am to work from home. During lunch, I ran to the Chiro and finished spreading rocks. I also realized that I had an upcoming exam that I had completely forgotten about, so I figured out how to fit it into my schedule and booked some extra A/L for the day of. I had leftovers for lunch, then moved downstairs to work from the sofa. I rushed out after work to meet a new cat, then headed home again to get in a few hours of revision. The exam I have been prepping for is Business Law and Practice. It's a big and intimidating one on the LPC which we have been studying for over two semesters.


I woke up at 7 am and went for another run. Very pleased with my own commitment to this! I then took the remainder of the morning to clean the kitchen before working from home. On lunch, I worked on clearing a section of topsoil in my garden and after work, I focussed on sitting and self-marking a mock exam. This made a big difference to my confidence level as it helped me to fit all of the sections of the course together and realise just how far I had come.


Friday was similar to Thursday, as I woke up early and went for a run before cleaning my house and working from home. I also went to the Chiro and edged my garden and, of course, got in a good bit of revision. The BLP exam is 205 minutes and open-book, so I dedicated some time to picking out key pieces of work in my folder and tabbing them to ensure they were quickly accessible. I tabbed things like exemplar company procedure plans, board meeting minutes, and a list of forms which can be submitted to Companies House. I also went through my 'rough' folder for any pencilled-in notes made during workshops and ensured they were added to my 'neat folder' - that is the one I'll use in the exam.


Over the weekend, I woke up at 9:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday to go for runs and revise. I picked up a new cat on Saturday morning, which was very exciting! Saturday was then spent trying to goad Pierre out from under the fridge between 25-minute Pomodoro study timers. This is how I keep motivated when I'm getting tired or want to do something else. I focus on studying during a 25-minute timer, and my phone grows a plant if I don't touch it for the entire time (and kills said plant if I do!). Then during the five-minute break timer, I try and do something else like garden jobs, cleaning, or sending overdue messages. This helps to maintain some semblance of 'life' during exam periods. On Saturday evening, I headed to Lidl for Happy Hour. Exciting Saturday nights eh.

Sunday was much the same, with the addition of a snow warning. I had already started to sow seeds so I wrapped the garden in bubble wrap to protect it from the cold. Fingers crossed.

It was a busy and productive week, filled with work, exercise, revision, and some fun. I am pleased with the balance of this week's schedule, considering. One more week of exams, then I'm looking forward to making more time for the things I enjoy.

Niamh O'Connor / niamhfoconnor / published 12.03.2023

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